SF – in English Green Left – is a modern and green left-wing party in Denmark founded in 1959.

We see all people as being equal – and we fight oppression and inequality everywhere. All people should have equal rights and opportunities to realize the life they want no matter their economic or social background, education, cultural norms, gender, ethnicity, sexuality or handicap. But always in respect of others’ freedom, the larger society and the nature and environment around us.

We work towards a fundamental change in Denmark, Europe and the wider world: A world with more solidarity. We want to bring people together in an alliance for change that expands our democracy, strengthens our community, secures equality and ensures sustainability. Our goal is a society built on socialist and green values with the biggest potential for welfare, wealth, freedom and opportunities for all people.

Our approach to politics is both idealistic and pragmatic: We are more concerned with creating actual positive change, even if it is one step at a time, than to insist on having everything our way.

In 2014 we joined the European Green Party – a political party consisting of green parties across Europe with 38 members of the European Parliament in the Greens/EFA-group.

We currently hold 15 seats in the Danish parliament, 2 in the European parliament, 128 in the city councils and 14 in the regional councils.